Commitment to quality

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Commitment to Quality

For some time the magic world of wonders, this one is being democratized so anarchic as exponential. Plus, with powerful communications tools like the web, people who want to use the services of a magician who respects himself does not always know where to turn or rather of the mouse! What is certain is that one does not become magician in one day! Numbers of you reading this know what I mean. Sometimes it takes years of work before they can even present a decent artistic style, a magic show for an audience that everyone is supposed to meet.

My advice: Take time to visit several sites before making your choice because even if the first impression is good sometimes, it can also be bad. Feel free to request multiple quotes, ask the right questions of the various providers of interest to you. Be alert to references that some artists you announce, you are free to make sure of their veracity.

\\\\\\\"And even if the magic is a sweet dream, do not delude ourselves ...\\\\\\\"

Like the 5 Fingers, my commitment is 5 points.

1. All references are presented artistic quality and easily verifiable.

2. I coach my clients from the beginning of their research to the days of the delivery to make sure the whole success of it.

3. I refuse moonlighting.

4. I consider a moral standpoint that it is the customer who buys and not the magician who sells.

5. I have here a rare skill that I do not curtail.

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